Radio Times December 2005

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“A brilliant comedy creation…I laughed until I hurt”
Radio Times, December 2005

Unless you’re a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe you’ve probably never heard of Count Arthur Strong. But you will soon, for he is a brilliant comedy creation. Strong is a self-deluded, exceptionally rude and linguistically challenged old luvvie who sounds a bit like Alan Bennett might if he was morphed with Alexei Sayle. In real life, Strong is the comedian Steve Delaney, but reality is thankfully overlooked in this warped day-in-the-life of “a doyen of light entertainment”.

The count is preparing for the launch of his autobiography (at his local butcher’s), while spitting poisonous barbs at unfortunate TV licensing men, local newspaper journalists and customers in said butcher’s shop. I laughed until I hurt, which Strong would be delighted to hear and I only hope R4 turn this into a series next year.



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