Preston show moved to Chorley

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PRESTON SHOW HAS MOVED TO CHORLEY! Sadly the news does not look good for the future of the Preston Charter Theatre. The venue closed in May with many touring shows remaining unpaid and it is still awaiting its fate. The council has announced this month that it is looking for a new

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Egypt Review: The Independent, 8th August, 2002

ADDED ON: 14th of August 2002

By Steve Jelbert Forgotton Egypt: He has, as well. Steve Delaney’s excruciating creation, head of Doncaster’s leading stage school (“It’s just like the Rada, they ... more

Fringe Review Metro, 9th August, 2002

ADDED ON: 14th of August 2002

Laughter is a personal business, writes Dominic Maxwell. So it’s in the interests of offering a balanced view that I report that Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt is a work of ... more

Guardian Review 2002

ADDED ON: 12th of August 2002

by The Guardian , ... more

Edinburgh Guide Review 2002

ADDED ON: 7th of August 2002

Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt Reviewer Garry Platt I had read various recommendations in the papers to go and see this show but as of this date (7 August 2003) I had not yet read a full ... more

Forgotten Egypt… coming to the fringe in 2002!

ADDED ON: 14th of May 2002

Honorary president of the British Egyptalogical society (Doncaster Branch), Count Arthur Strong delivers an instructional talk on the wonders of Egypt, as experienced by himself firsthand. Its ... more

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