2020 Extended Tour Dates Announced

Due to immense demand, the “Is There Anybody Out There” tour has now been extended into 2020. Tickets will be on sale from Friday 26th April. Go to  https://www.livenation.co.uk/ar…/count-arthur-strong-tickets  to see the full list of dates. The Count will additionally be visiting: 05/02/20 Telford 06/02/20 Doncaster 08/02/20 Bromsgrove 09/02/20 Liverpool 12/02/20 Middlesbrough 13/02/20 Kettering 14/02/20 Tunbridge Wells

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TV Review: The Big Issue July 2017

ADDED ON: 6th of July 2017

July 6, 2017 by Lucy Sweet I’ve been trying to stop myself from writing about Count Arthur Strong. You see, it’s funny (or not, depending on your point of view) in a way that’s ... more

Article: Daily Mail June 2017

ADDED ON: 8th of June 2017

Who are you calling dummy? CRAIG BROWN on why we are living through a golden age of ventriloquism 08/06/17 When I was growing up in the Sixties, ventriloquism seemed a spent force. On ... more

Live Review: The Guardian May 2017

ADDED ON: 28th of May 2017

Count Arthur Strong -blissfully, brilliantly bewildered by Brian Logan at the London Palladium 28/05/17 Not the least of the achievements of Steve Delaney’s extraordinary character Count Arthur ... more

TV Review: The Guardian May 2017

ADDED ON: 20th of May 2017

May 20, 2017 by Tim Dowling I’ll confess that the first time I encountered Count Arthur Strong (BBC1), I didn’t get it. I caught the second half of an episode of his Radio 4 show while driving, ... more

Series 3 DVD released

ADDED ON: 19th of May 2017

ORDER ON AMAZON BY CLICKING HERE Steve Delaney returns as the pompously delusional Count Arthur in this BAFTA-nominated ... more

TV Review: Beyond The Joke May 2017

ADDED ON: 17th of May 2017

May 17, 2017 by Bruce Dessau It’s been a while since the last Count Arthur Strong series but the third run does not mark a significant change. Which is a Good Thing. Our befuddled hero ... more

TV Preview: The Independent May 2017

ADDED ON: 11th of May 2017

May 11, 2017 by Sean O’Grady Like me, you may have mixed feelings about the arrival of the third TV series of Count Arthur Strong to what he would call “the BBBC”. On the one hand, any ... more

Live Review: The List May 2017

ADDED ON: 10th of May 2017

Count Arthur Strong – Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow Delightfully cack-handed, stumbling and foolish shenanigans from Steve Delaney’s wholly inhabited Count by Jay Richardson 10/05/17 ... more

BBC1 Series 3 TX dates announced

ADDED ON: 3rd of May 2017

We have had confirmation from the BBC that the Count Arthur Strong TV Series 3 will be starting on the 19th May at 8:30pm and continuing every Friday. . A totally excellent trail that will run ... more

Live Review: Metro May 2017

ADDED ON: 3rd of May 2017

Count Arthur Strong – Corn Exchange, Ipswich by Sharon Lougher 03/05/17 Comedian Steve Delaney could probably have done with the BBC sitcom version of his deluded variety hall creation ... more

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