Edinburgh Guide Review 2002

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Count Arthur Strong’s Forgotten Egypt

Reviewer Garry Platt

I had read various recommendations in the papers to go and see this show but as of this date (7 August 2003) I had not yet read a full review of this performance, so I had no real idea what to expect. What I discovered was something really very remarkable.

Count Arthur strong is a comic character creation which surpasses anything I have yet seen on the fringe, this year or any other! Picture the scene, you are waiting in a village meeting room or perhaps your local Town Hall, a talk (with amazing slides) has been arranged by that most prestigious of speakers and learned Egyptologists Count Arthur Strong. The Count finally arrives and due to a technical oversight of his incredibly incompetent and inept support staff the slide projector is not working and what we receive is a potpourri of show biz tales, mostly concerning Rex Harrison! Egyptian cooking tips! And a Piano rendition the likes of which you will never have encountered nor will you ever again!

The finesse and attention to detail which have been achieved in developing this character are just incredible, no chance or opportunity to create a comic moment have been missed and every pause is done with perfect timing so as to extract every possible chuckle, giggle, chortle, snigger and titter there is.

This show is just amazing and delivered with such aplomb, skill and grace that if it doesn’t win something somewhere or make it on to TV as the ‘Life of Count Arthur Strong’ there really is no justice in this world.
For the sake of your soul go and see this show it is quite the most wonderful thing on the Fringe this year, and if you miss it you will quite possibly regret it for the rest of your life.

© Garry Platt, 07 August 2002



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